Milkshed Penarth Hot Desk Terms & Conditions

Key Terms

CENTRE – Milkshed, 1a Machen Street, Penarth CF64 2UB.
OPERATORS – David John Robert Davies and Sion William Lee Summers.
FEE – £20 per day. A Term is a full day from 9am to 5:30pm on the booked day.

Desk Space, Term and Fee

Fee for desk space

You will pay Us the Fee and we will let You occupy the Desk Space for the Initial Fixed Term and thereafter until the Term ends in accordance the clauses in these Terms & Conditions.

No Lease

You occupy the Desk Space as a licensee and not as a tenant. This is not a lease. Your occupation is not exclusive as we will provide the Services detailed in the Members Handbook and any Additional Services you request in accordance with the Members Handbook and run the Centre efficiently accessing the area You occupy as necessary.


The Fee must be paid advance of arrival using our online booking system only. You must not make any deduction, counterclaim or set-off from any payments due to Us.

Your Obligations

Reimburse Fees Incurred by the Landlord

You must pay Us on demand all expenses arising from any failure by You to comply with these Terms & Conditions and any reasonable action taken by Us because You did not comply.


You must keep Your Desk Space and Furniture in a reasonable state of repair and condition but You are not responsible for fair wear and tear to Your Desk Space and Furniture.

You must do everything required by law including statutory regulations in respect of Your Desk Space and its use and occupation under these Terms & Conditions.


No alterations whatsoever may be made to Your Desk Space.

You must not damage Your Desk Space or the Furniture and must not make any other alterations to the Desk Space or to the pipes, cables, wires and ducts serving Your Desk Space.

Failure to Comply

If We require You to rectify any failure to comply with Your obligations then You must comply with Our requirements immediately in the case of an emergency or otherwise promptly.

You must promptly notify Us of any defect or disrepair in Your Desk Space or of any failure in any of the Services.

Obligations at the End of Term

These obligations apply to the end of the Term however it ends.

By the end of the Term You must have removed all Your goods and contents from Your Desk Space and must make good all damage caused by this removal and also any as a result of any failure by You to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

If after the end of the Term there are possessions in the Desk Space that are not Ours We may sell or dispose of them as your agent without any liability or responsibility to You whatsoever.

If the Desk Space or Furniture have been damaged during this Term then We will charge You the cost of putting this right after this Term ends.


You must only use Your Desk Space for office use.

You must not cause a nuisance to Us or to any other occupiers of The Centre.

Who may Occupy

This Agreement is personal to You and You must not assign it, however, if You are a Company then You may permit an employee to occupy Your Desk Space.

Each employee who you require to have access to Your Desk Space must be authorised through Centre security in accordance with the Members Handbook.

Management and Membership

You must comply with the Members Handbook.

Our Obligations

We must provide the Desk Space and Furniture to You and the Services as set out in the Members Handbook. We will provide internet services to you but these are used at your own risk and you are responsible for your own internet security. We accept no responsibility for any outage or fall in bandwidth outside our reasonable control.



You have no rights that would restrict building or carrying out of works to any adjoining premises.

You have no rights to enforce any obligations against other occupiers of the Centre.

We are only liable to You for any loss or damage that You suffer that is caused by Us deliberately or negligently being in breach of these Terms & Conditions. Under no circumstances are We responsible for any loss of profits or business loss and in any event Our liability is capped at a maximum of 100% of the total Fee that We have received from You.

Notwithstanding the above clause We are not excluding Our liability for death or personal injury.

Definitions and General Interpretation

In this Agreement –

‘Term’ means the Initial Fixed Term and any continuation in accordance with this Agreement;

‘Members Handbook’ is the handbook current at the date of this checkout and given to You and any revised updated versions we publish on our website during this Agreement and the ‘Services’ and ‘Additional Services’ are described in the Members Handbook.

an obligation not to do something includes an obligation not to permit or allow another person to do it;

You will be liable for any breaches of Your obligations in these Terms & Conditions committed by –

  • any authorised occupier of Your Offices their respective employees, licensees or contractors; or
  • any person under Your control or acting under Your express or implied authority.

Membership of Milkshed

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you become a Member of the Milkshed Community and the Members Handbook sets out details of the benefits of that membership and any relevant obligations that apply to it.

Hot Desk customers may not use the Milkshed address. Fixed Desk and Studio Members may use the Milkshed address but may not represent that this is in your ownership.

Variations to this Agreement

Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be in writing, must refer to this Agreement and must be signed by You and Us.

Data Protection

We will only process any personal data we collect in accordance with our privacy policy and all applicable data protection laws and regulations.

You confirm that any personal data supplied to Us has and in future will have the informed consent of the relevant person.

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