Over 1,300sqft (127m2) of much-needed affordable workspace for freelancers, small businesses and creatives. Total capacity of 24 people, consisting of six studio units, one housing a shared workspace for up to six desk-based workers. A perfect home for all types of businesses, ranging from desk-based workers, designers and freelancers, through to makers, illustrators and hands-on practitioners.

With Milkshed, renting space is easy. We offer a convenient solution to your workspace needs — a versatile space for you to make your own. We charge one all-inclusive monthly fee, to cover rent, utilities (electricity, gas central heating, water) and future-ready gigabit broadband, with optional weekly cleaning.

We will strive to make Milkshed the go-to creative hub in Penarth, a space that an eclectic mix of businesses will call home. Set in a Victorian coach house off Penarth’s Cornerswell Road, roughly 1,300sqft (127m2) of versatile and customisable space will be available for rent. A wide range of spaces will be available, from desks to self-contained offices and studio spaces close to their home in Penarth.